SABIRAH is a luxury modest wear brand for ALL women by Deborah Latouche. Created from a desire to find the perfect occasion wear for the modest dresser, SABIRAH is a capsule collection that encompasses all the elements for

an elegant wardrobe.

SABIRAH delivers a refined and luxurious collection that transcends boundaries with exquisite tailoring in beautiful fabrics, bringing a fresh direction to modest wear that will appeal to all women.

Fine structured pleating and drapery will compliment classic shirting and voluminous skirts. Modern yet timeless, graceful yet fashion-forward. And what makes this collection so modern and unique is the sustainable way that SABIRAH uses end of roll luxurious fabrics, silks, jacquard and fine cottons, so that each piece is exclusive.

 The time is now for the woman who loves fashion, who loves modest dressing, and who wants to make a statement.




Deborah Latouche is an established stylist, journalist and designer who has been working in the fashion industry since graduating from London College of Fashion. Following a residency at the Benetton think-tank Fabrica, Deborah honed her creative skills in Milan, working and collaborating on a range of projects before returning to her home in London. Since then, she has gained recognition as an successful, innovative stylist for titles including The Sunday Times, Vision China and Schön!, and working with a wealth of talent including Naomie Harris, Sophie Turner and Eric Underwood. Deborah is also the UK Corresponding Editor for Elle Italia.

In a world of cheaper, faster, mass-produced fabrics where waste is high and labour underpaid, SABIRAH is embracing the important fashion ethos of responsible, sustainable production. The collection is made in London by highly skilled seamstresses and uses luxury end of roll fabrics, often made in the mills of Milan and left over from couture fashion houses. As such, each garment becomes both exclusive due to the limitations of stock, and addresses the need for less waste by using already existing fabrics of the highest quality, such as duchesse satin and fine cotton. Vintage buttons are used in place of new, and so continues the journey of each piece. 


SABIRAH is committed to growing and learning to become ever more sustainable with each collection.

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