The SABIRAH woman looks and feels beautiful and empowered without the need to reveal.


About us

SABIRAH is a Luxury Modest Wear Brand for ALL women by Deborah Latouche. Created from a desire to find the perfect occasion wear for the modest dresser, SABIRAH is a capsule collection that encompasses all the elements for an elegant wardrobe.



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Collection 1.1

For Collection 1.1 Deborah continues to be inspired by the work of Tamara

Natalie Madden and her paintings of everyday women elevated to regal status.

Collection 1

When designing the collection, Deborah found herself drawn to the formation of flowers. The leaves of petals are mirrored in a sleeve, for example, whilst a jacket takes on the shape of an opening bloom.

SABIRAH Princess blouse Bloom Skirt and

Collection 1.2

The collection takes the form of an experimental film by Esmé Moore, a

visually arresting piece that reflects the release of emotions that informed

the collection. Esmé created an animation of stills photography within a

stirring soundscape.


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